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VIOLET Vibrational Colour Mist

Moon Nectar is created by Allison Kaylor from Portland, Oregon. Allison's creations are hand crafted with focused intentions for healing and actualising optimal physical and spiritual well-being.  Each product contains all natural ingredients from the earth with inspiration from ancient healing practices.

Sunlight is composed of energies transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves or vibrational energies most of which cannot be seen by the naked eye, those which are visible on the spectrum are the colours we see from red to violet and beyond that are the infrared and ultraviolet. Our eyes are the mirror to our emotional and physical well being and are an extension of our brain which reflects our moods, emotions and visions of the world.

This mist is to be used in assistance of visual colour healing and meditation. The labels are made as a visual guide to help assist in bringing the colour in through the eyes, and to help with colour breathing, light therapy, working with the chakras or crystal healing. It's a gentle reminder to take a moment out of your day to truly be present. 

VIOLET corresponds to our crown chakra, and with the musical note, E. Violet is for highly evolved souls and isn’t commonly seen in the aura. It is an excellent meditation companion and induces sleep. It is said to help with headache relief, and can also help suppress our appetite (as well as blue). It soothes emotional and mental stress. 

AMETHYST GEM ESSENCE: Amethyst is protective, it is said to help curb addictions, and bring the body back to a tranquil state when over exerted. It helps us tap into our spiritual awareness, dreams and It opens our intuition. It also helps calm rage or heavy emotions and dealing with grief or loss. Excellent meditation companion for healing.

INGREDIENTS: Water, distilled grain alcohol, red cabbage, alkanet, blueberry powder, butterfly pea flower, amethyst gem essence, and various essential oils.


All topical products should be tested on inner wrist before full use- some people have allergies to certain herbs or bee products and they  should be tested for safety. If pregnant, check with your practitioner before using any herbal or essential oil products. 

Imagery by Happy Society & provided by Moon Nectar Apothecary

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