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Stress Release for the Wandering Mind 30x40cm Meditation Print

Stress Release for the Wandering Mind 30x40cm Meditation Print

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Moon Nectar is created by Allison Kaylor from Portland, Oregon. Allison's creations are crafted with focused intentions for healing and actualising optimal physical and spiritual well-being. 

This is for those who need a sense of calm and want to relax a stressed out mind and body. It also works in emphasising your pineal gland to promote a third eye focus. Excellent for those starting out on the meditation path as it helps promote a deep sense of peace. Those with insomnia can work with this colour breathing technique before bed. Anyone wanting to enhance dreamwork or astral projection or heighten their intuition this is a great combo. Comes with a guided meditation on colour breathing as well as a crystal companion and sound frequency correspondence. You may also listen to this sound frequency while doing the colour breathing meditation exercise to enhance the meditation.

Violet is the highest frequency colour and enhances our intuition and visions. It helps calm the heart and induce sleep.

Indigo has a natural calming effect and is great for restlessness. It help calm our breath and is great for pain relief. It is also associated with our third eye so it is an excellent companion for intuition.

Sky blue helps with calming and cooling. It soothes and relaxes to promote sleep and helps us to translate information and all forms of communication through dream work or meditation.

Turquoise is also associated with the thymus or high heart like pink and is extremely rejuvenating and restorative.

30.4 x 40.6 cm Unframed Print, ships in a tube to avoid damage.  

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