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Space Mist - Set of 4

Space Mist - Set of 4

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Our 4 base blend space mists ready to live in your home, bag, car, at work or come with you on your travels. Ready to fill your space with new energy, offer a quick cleanse or peaceful moment wherever you may be.

This pack includes:

Self 100ml 

Euphoria 100ml 

Lune 100ml 

Mother 100ml 



Coriander Seed, Geranium leaf + Black Pepper 

Ready to uplift and take you to new heights. A sweet, uplifting blend to recharge your mind & your space. Fresh notes of citrus & florals with a hint of green spice. 


Vetiver, Lavender + Clary Sage 

Paint your room in lavender & enjoy the comforting scent for a good night’s sleep. Blended with Vetiver & Clary Sage that can be useful during moments of anxiety & stress. Warm earthy heart notes with herbaceous & floral top notes. 


Australian Buddhawood, Sandalwood + Blue Cypress 

Grounding Australian Natives to connect us back with our mother earth, our greatest teacher & healer. Rich, resinous notes of Buddhawood & Sandalwood with complex notes of wood & smoke from Blue Cypress. 


Rosemary Leaf, Juniper + Citrus 

All about opening that third eye, Rosemary & Cypress have traditionally been used during spiritual practices to achieve enlightenment. Go deeper during your meditation, yoga or your spiritual practice or just simply enjoy this beautiful unique blend in your space. Rich in herb & citrus notes with a hint of sweet cinnamon bark. 


Directions/Warnings:  Shake bottle & spray around yourself, sacred space, bedding, furniture, clothing & throughout your home, take a deep breath & relax. If you are pregnant or have existing sensitivities to essential oils, please consult your practitioner before use. Never take essential oils orally.  

Each blend is hand blended in Australia with pure essential oils sustainably sourced locally & worldwide.



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