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Neo Tarot Deck & Book

Neo Tarot Deck & Book

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Neo Tarot: A Fresh Approach to Self Care, Healing & Empowerment

In the best-selling Neo Tarot, Jerico Mandybur offers a refreshing and intelligent look at the centuries-old cards, showing you how they can be used as healing tool. This modern guidebook blends revealing insights, practical wisdom, and actionable exercises that readers can incorporate into their self-care practice and watch their self-love flourish.

“Tarot is the blueprint, but you are the architect of your own life.” Far from a cultish future-telling medium for a chosen few, Mandybur’s tarot is about taking control of your own path. “Tarot is available to everyone, it doesn’t discriminate and you don’t even have to ‘believe in it’ in a traditional divination sense in order to benefit from it." 

Neo Tarot comes with a book explaining the meaning of each of the 78 cards divided in two sections: major arcana and minor arcana.

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