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Healing the Heart Space 30x40cm Meditation Print

Healing the Heart Space 30x40cm Meditation Print

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Moon Nectar is created by Allison Kaylor from Portland, Oregon. Allison's creations are crafted with focused intentions for healing and actualising optimal physical and spiritual well-being. 

Colour breathing meditation print for heart healing, grief or trauma work or needing a sense of balance. If you are working through a break-up, feelings of grief, trauma work or self-confidence this is a great heart healing exercise. Comes with a guided meditation on colour breathing. It is suggested you chronicle your experience after this meditation and practice so you are able to go back into this loving space when needed.

Green is transformative as it promotes birth, growth and renewal for balance. Green is known as the master healer.

Turquoise is our sense of connectedness and helps promote a deep sense of self acceptance. 

Pink is nurturing and loving and promotes a healing emphasis for clearing trapped grief or trauma by transforming it.

30.4 x 40.6 cm Unframed Print, ships in a tube to avoid damage.  

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