Every change of season can make us feel a little vulnerable or uneasy. Naturopathy, as the name suggests is based upon the healing power of nature. Many traditional cultural beliefs are centred around being physically as well as spiritually connected to their land and nature. Our modern world can cause us severe disconnect with our natural environment. Being able to ground ourselves brings us in harmony with the ebb and flow of nature and it’s seasons. What keeps you grounded? 

Connect with the earth. Connect with yourself. Dig your feet in the dirt, plant some spring herbs, roll on the grass, wander around your garden or local park, find a spot in the sun and soak it up, hug your pet, breathe in the air and feel it deep in your lungs. Find solace in our natural world. 

Mantra ~ The earth supports me. I release all negative energy through the soles of my feet.

Image: Roberto Burle Marx (1909 – 1994), naturalist, artist & landscape architect

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