Our new Candles, their scents & traditional uses

Our new Candles, their scents & traditional uses

We believe in burning our candles with intention, whether your intention is to relax, calm, cleanse or enhance the aesthetic of your space.

The best thing about using essential oil based candles is that they truly have an impact on our mood. Thanks to the way they interact with our brain & our nervous system, these powerful, potent oils bring calm, focus, clarity, joy & good energy to us and our space. 

For aromatherapy uses as well as traditional / ritual based uses keep reading.


Sweet Orange   

Aromatherapeutic Profile: joy, calm thinking, clarity

Ritual: enhances creativity, restores the calm to the chaos, banishes negativity 

Pair with: peppermint, cedarwood, lavender 



Aromatherapeutic uses: grounding, clarity, balances emotions

Ritual uses: Aphrodisiac, expanded awareness, change habits, finding inner strength

Pair with: cedarwood, lavender, patchouli  



Aromatherapeutic Profile: eases anxiety and stress, grounding

Ritual: spiritual awareness, purifying, prosperity and luck

Pair with: patchouli, sweet orange



Aromatherapeutic Profile: calming, encourages sleep 

Ritual: energy balancing, purifying, induces feelings of love and safety 

Pair with: peppermint, sweet orange 



Aromatherapeutic Profile: awaken the mind, focus, uplifting

Ritual: release emotions, spiritual connections, encourages embracing change 

Pair with: lavender, sweet orange 

* Our Aromatherapeutic & Ritual uses are a guide only, if you do not connect with the traditional uses or use aromatherapy, just enjoy the scent.



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