Move into your senses with our range of natural scent, self care, lifestyle + more.

Space Mists

Our space mists are infused with natural essential oils & absolutes designed to promote a sense of calm and balance.

Pure Essential Oil Blends

Balanced oil blends for your burner, diffuser or bath.


Indulge in the warm embrace of Love.


Mix and match our classic dinner candles. Made from natural waxes using natural dyes and a braided cotton, lead free wick.

Library of Esoterica

Taschen's Library of Esoterica is a series of books that explore the history and practice of various esoteric and mystical traditions from around the world.


    Indulge in the warm embrace of Love. Our newest blend is sure to please the senses.

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  • Om Hand Burner

    A simple ceramic burner ready to send your favourite Happy Society scent through your space.

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  • You & Me

    This is a book about friendship.
 A book of notes
 articulating the things you have needed to or have wanted to say to your best mates.

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